Stay Puft Response

Over the past week we’ve heard from several customers about over carbonation leading to “gushers” in some of the fresh versions of Stay Puft and ABCs. We first off, would like to apologize to anyone who has opened one of these bottles and had to deal with an ensuing volcano of foamy beer.

We recently opened a large selection of these bottles from different cases and confirmed that many of them are indeed heavy gushers. We changed our process for these batches by adding additional sugars (apples for ABCs and marshmallow for Stay Puft) late in their fermentation cycles to intensify the flavors and aromas. This caused intentional secondary fermentations to take place while the beers were in tanks. At the time of bottling we felt confident that these fermentations had completed. On the day of the releases we opened several bottles of each of these beers and they all poured perfectly. The problem is that these fermentations were progressing at a far slower rate than we had expected. This small amount of additional fermentation, when taking place in a sealed bottle, resulted in significant over carbonation and some heavy gushing.

It’s clear from a sensory analysis that these bottles are not infected. The affected bottles still taste and smell great, so we recommend keeping them cold and drinking them soon. When you do, make sure to have a couple glasses ready to immediately pour into when you open the bottle. This is, of course, not how we intended to present the beer, and we are in no way accepting this outcome, nor would we ever ask you to.

We love working with unique ingredients and trying different types of brewing processes at Barreled Souls. We know our customers value our experimental nature and we never want to give that up- it’s the reason we opened the brewery.  This approach however does increase the possibility of getting unintended results. Customer satisfaction and product integrity are cornerstones of our business, and as such, if you are unsatisfied with any of the bottles you purchased please contact us via email at info@barreledsouls.comand we will resolve this matter for you. We thank you for your support and promise to continuously improve our methods and processes to produce beers of great distinction and quality. Cheers!